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About us
Important tasks for DeanuInstutuhtta are:
  • Contribute to sustain and develop knowledge about salmon fishing and the local Sámi culture along the Deatnu watercourse
  • Point out the need for research connected to salmon fishing in order to spread knowledge about local fishing traditions and about the Sámi culture in the area
  • Contribute to extended knowledge about the North Atlantic salmon
  • Collect, document, and systematize Sámi concepts and expressions pertaining to salmon fishing, reindeer herding, and the locally river-based Sámi culture, and their connection to land and land-based activities of the region
  • To establish a word data bank on the basis of the collected material. This repository will be made available for the public
  • Contribute to digital dissemination of information on salmon terms and concepts in the North Sámi language for the river Deatnu, regional place names, and expressions on the connection to land and waters
  • Be a driving force for collecting and documenting traditional knowledge among the circumpolar Indigenous peoples in connection with salmon fishing and traditional livelihoods
  • Develop contacts and build networks with other salmon fishing Indigenous peoples in the circumpolar region in order to document and disseminate knowledge about salmon fishing practices and traditions in the Arctic


Goals and objectives

It is a goal for DeanuInstituhtta to be involved with projects that can function as examples internationally of activities which take place in Norway in accordance with the regulations and decisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity, articles 8 (j) and 10 (c); and the UNESCO Conventions, especially the one for Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The activities of DeanuInstituhtta  are currently based on a budget for 2020-2021. Efforts are being made in order to find funding over the Norwegian state budget for the whole provisional period of three years, until the end of 2022.

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